Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Contemporary Still Life Artists

1.  Sharon Core

I liked this painting done by Sharon Core because of the use of color. By adding different colors to objects that you wouldn't expect it creates depth and detail an I hope to use this in my next project.

2. Ori Gersht

I picked this painting for my second inspiration because I like the motion the painting has. The spots of different colors bring the painting to life. And I would like to try and use this technique for my next project.

Acrylic Cupcake Painting

For this project we had to paint a still life of a cupcake of our choice. I learned a lot about shading throughout this process. I learned that not all shadows and highlights are black and white. I learned how to look for the different colors in the lights and darks. And I learned that a composition needs to be balance correctly or the viewer will not look at the focal point.

Acrylic White Object Painting

Our assignment was to paint white objects, I had eggs. Throughout this process I learned a lot about acrylic paint. I learned how to blend, and when you do blend you have to do it right as you put the paint on. I learned that you have to blend with a dry brush and not a wet one. Although I would have liked more time on this project I'm pleased with how it turned out.